Body Mind and Spirit Day

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Body Mind and Spirit Day ­

12 December 2015 from 10.00am to 4.00pm at Morton Manor, Carlisle

Come and join us for the day:

  • Programme of Talks (included in the ticket price)
  • Varied programme of Workshops (included in the ticket price)
  • Exhibitors – for latest list see below…
  • Aura Readings
  • Taster Therapies
  • and MUCH MORE!

Click here to download the BMS2015 Exhibitor Booking Form
(Early bird discount until 30 Sept 2015)

For more information or to book a space contact Maggie Logan

Some of our confirmed exhibitors:

  • Jane Sheehan  Foot Reader
    Jane believes feet can give us key insights into our personality and emotions. Every line, lump, bump and oddity, she believes, provides a window into the soul.
  • Christine Johnson – Medium
    Christine giving a talk on Mediumship & Demonstration.
  • Frances Bousfield – Colour Style  and Image Consultant
    Frances is giving a talk on Colour and Style for the Festive Season.
  • Emma Summerfield  Jewellery Designer & Owner, Moon-Dream Jewellery
    Emma loves to create handmade beautiful bespoke jewellery and gifts, using her own unique designs.
  • Wishing Well Therapies I work as a Holistic Therapist in Carlisle and the South Lakes. Some of the different healing modalities are ground breaking and I offer a wide range of energy based natural complementary therapies.
  • Melanie Cruickshank @Animal_Comms
    Psychic mediumship for animals, whether passed over the rainbow bridge, or to communicate with animals in our world. Also track and trace for lost animals.
  • Jackie Wilkinson – Nutrition and Business Coach
    Nutrition is fundamentally important to all of us whether in business, sport or just wanting to live well. We cannot function unless we are healthy and our health depends on the raw materials we use to build and fuel our bodies. You really are what you eat!
  • Tropic Skin Care – Health/Beauty
    “No matter how Tropic has grown, we still and always will, uphold the same core values of producing the highest quality, natural and cruelty-free beauty products that really make a difference to your skin.”
  • Mr and Mrs Dufton – Aloe Vera
    The herb aloe vera, a plant cultivated in hot, arid conditions which can also be grown as a house plant. Aloes have been used medicinally for more than 2000 years!
  • Amanda Tooke – The Angel Mystic
    I believe Law of Attraction works. I think it is incredible how you can make things turn up. I read The Secret and loved it. I was on a high thinking I could literally think of something and it would turn up!
  • Helyn Connerr – Astro innovation
    Astro Innovation forms a bridge between some of mankind’s oldest knowledge and the latest cutting edge concepts. Founded in 1996, Astro Innovation’s mission and purpose is to retrieve ancient wisdom for application in today’s world, to make available to modern people the benefits inherent in astrology, to dig beneath the surface of the apparent and reveal its energetic underpinnings.
  • Andrew Helme – Gobannos Celtic Jewellery with a Celtic Twist
    Here are a couple of things Gobannos will be bringing. An Aura Amethyst wand with bronze and copper and matching magickal pendant. Why not pop in for a spell.
  • Buffalo Bills Bazaar
    Fair Trade crafts…   gifts, furniture and decor. Unusual and unique products with an ever changing range.
  • Sheila Marr – Healing Lives
    It’s all about healing lives by healing how we live; healing your home and workplace by creating harmony and allowing the energy to flow; energising your land and property by releasing the past, finding balance and encouraging places to thrive; enhancing your well-being by re-connecting with the Earth, attuning to positive energy and opening to universal wisdom.

And there will be other workshops, talks and more exhibitors announced soon too!

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